Our Value Proposition

Reduced Construction Period

Steel frames are 50% faster in construction than RCC frames. Steel buildings can be fabricated off-site in our fabrication facility whilst foundations and groundworks are being constructed and completed. Erectable lorry loads of steel are brought to site on a ‘just in time’ basis, sequenced and synchronized with the construction programme, and erected using our skilled and trained teams to ensure rapid construction. There is no site fabrication involved, which means everything is correct first time. By erecting the structure quickly, the Return on the Investment for the developer is faster, their “Execution Risk” is reduced and their interest payment charges lower.




80% less Labour

In India, traditionally Multi Storey Buildings are constructed in RCC using conventional/Flat slab/PT slab technology. Long delays are common due to the non-availability of skilled labour. In a country where labour is a deterrent, JSSL with its new technology has overcome the biggest challenge that India faces. Steel construction requires less on site labour than traditional concrete construction sites, thereby increasing safety. There is generally no scaffolding or propping required and all the erection is done by skilled labour force in mechanized access plant (cherry-pickers), erection of steel being carried out using crawler, mobile or tower craneage.



In-house Erection

The company retains all the skills and expertise to erect structures across all the project sectors which is very important to ensure that we maintain end to end control of the structural steel up to the point of its final use. This is very unusual in India as generally contractors only fabricate the steel. Speed being one of our biggest USP it would become meaningless if we fabricate steel quickly then depend on somebody else for its erection.

Erection of the steelwork is undertaken by our experienced steel erectors. The number of teams operating on one site will be dependent on the project’s complexity and the magnitude of the work to be undertaken. The company utilises the latest equipment available i.e. mobile cranes, man lifts and tele-handlers thus ensuring projects are implemented in a safe and timely manner.


Adaptability to all weather conditions

Intermittent work stoppage is common in India due to weather conditions. Traditional construction is generally environmentally unfriendly due to pollution from the larger number of vehicles used, noise of construction, debris etc.  The end result being that the developer/contractor suffers a poor Return-on their Investment, due to more interest charges caused by the project being delayed.


The ALTERNATIVE to the above scenario is STEEL CONSTRUCTION. Because our components are assembled and fully bolted off-site, we avoid the normal problems of weather stoppage encountered by other construction companies.


Our entire fabrication is carried out in a factory controlled environment. None of the steelwork going outside the factory without shot blasting, the method used being steel grits to SA 2.5 standards which ensures all loose scale, rust is removed.  The Shot blasting process assists in receiving the finish coat of the paint system as appropriate to the environment. We adopt a three coat paint system as per Indian/ European standards for protecting the members. We can also undertake a vermiculate spray protection both for corrosion and fire proof.



Lighter Foundations

Steel has a “Higher Strength to Weight ratio” and hence Steel buildings will be always lighter. On Multi storey buildings, the quantum of concrete used for the foundations will be as much as 70% less. This saves the Rebar costs, foundation costs, ground costs etc in addition to valuable time in completing the excavation, back filling, foundations etc.





Extra Carpet Area

Columns in multi-storey buildings can be 85% smaller than equivalent RCC columns if designed in the right way. Our slender columns are architecturally pleasing and allow the customer more carpet area. The taller the building, the greater the benefits.




Longer Spans

Steel beams can span longer and can achieve upto 18m spans enabling more flexibility to the customer for future change of use. This gives better quality space to the customer and some of the internal columns can be avoided which gives better aesthetics and functionality. Our State-of-the-art design also includes calculations for floor vibration/response.





More Head room through Integrated Service lines

Service lines like AC Ducts, Sprinkler systems, Electrical cable trays etc can pass through the web of the steel beams. This will save enormous amount of head room in a Multi storey construction. Proprietary software will be used to design the floor beams with the required openings. From the “Tekla Model” the openings are cut precisely using a “Plasma cutting machine”. The cut web plate is picked by an automatic magnetic lifting facility which assembles the flange plates to form an “Indisec” beam. The openings are pre-planned which will avoid costly site cutting, welding etc.


Value Engineering:

Composite design utilises the compression resistance of the concrete slab with the tensile properties of the steel beam, thereby resulting in reduced steel usage. Profiled Metal Decking is used both as a replacement for the tension reinforcement in the concrete slab and also to act as a formwork for the floor-slab. The decking is rigidly fixed to the steel framing by means of shear studs, thereby achieving the composite action between the steel and concrete.


The concrete slab effectively acts as the compression flange of the steel I - section beam and can result in the reduction of the top flange properties i.e. an asymmetric floor beam with the bottom flange larger than the top flange. The JSSL process for manufacturing such a beam is called ‘Indisec’


Both the Composite slab technology combined with the Indisec steel beams, have been tested for various fire ratings and load carrying capacity to satisfy relevant British Standards


The advantages of the above concept also give the following benefits:-

  • Saving upto 15 to 20% of the structural steel by manufacturing Indisec beams from varying plate thicknesses using our automatic cutting and welding machines, according to the design requirements, particularly for long span solutions.
  • The Composite Metal Decking acts as the tensile reinforcement for the slab thus eliminating the need of bottom reinforcement. This gives a great advantage compared to the traditional RCC slab construction in terms of speed, labour required to cut, bend and lay traditional reinforcement.
  • 30% reduction in concrete volume over conventional flat slabs. This reduces the overall weight of the building resulting in a saving in foundation cost, seismic weight and reduced earthquake force are additional benefits.
  • Once concreted, the slab is ready to receive other trades such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, Sprinkler system, finishes etc. which enables faster completion of the project.
  • The integrated fastening system to the underside of the decking can help the false ceiling, light fittings to be fitted easily under the slab without having to drill the slab.



Indisec lines give more range of sections:

Indisec is a new and innovative family of structural steel plated products of optimum efficiency for the steel construction sector in India. It is the unrivalled market leader in the design, fabrication and supply of long span cellular and bespoke plated beams. It is a new technology which can substitute plated sections for beams and columns of the Indian standard size range.

JSSL has the complete knowhow to design and manufacture such plated sections. This will revolutionize the Indian market which will help the Structural consultants & Architects to achieve enhanced project economy, swifter construction and optimised design. Circular, Square, Rectangular, elongated apertures can be made in the web to allow the service lines to pass through. Flanges up to 100mm thickness and webs up to 50mm thickness, bespoke beams of 2200mm depth can be manufactured using the automatic submerged arc welding process.


Sustainability strikes a balance between economic, environmental and social issues. Steel delivers all three without compromising future generations. Steel is 100% recyclable and is continually re-used, recovered and fed back into the production of new steel without any loss of properties or quality.  About 500 million tons of steel is recycled globally every year.  Built in 1956, the Lackenby open hearth steel plant at Teesside was a huge building. It no longer exists. The self-same steel, re-melted, re-created as new steel and carefully tracked, is to be found in the re-developed Paddington Station, Heathrow’s Terminal 5, the Brit Oval cricket ground in London, and some of the copper-plated 2p coins.




          Lakenby plant, Teesside-15000MT                                                      Heathrow T5



We are highly predictable and reliable

Building structures in steel has been practiced for many years in all leading countries around the world. Since the entire construction is pre-planned the site construction delay is minimised. Lean manufacture within an integrated supply chain gives a more predictable construction programme. It overcomes congested and hard to access site challenges. Local communities appreciate reduced dust and noise.




People power

The integration with a major European construction organization has provided JSSL with access to the latest design, fabrication and erection technologies. Our European partners provide significant benefit to the business given their design, fabrication and erection expertise associated with the development of complex engineering solutions.