Health & Safety

Safety is of Paramount Importance to JSSL

JSSL manufactures 100,000 tons of Structural Steel per annum which includes fabrication and erection of complex structures. During erection, our skilled workmen operate in difficult working environments. During the fabrication process they handle heavy material besides complex welding, painting and loading operations. Keeping them safe is our top most priority. We aim to have zero fatalities and no incidents and make sure our operations are safe and reduce impact on the environment and our neighbours.

Our operations are externally certified to International Environmental Health and Safety standards, including ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Procedures and Risk & Assurance

We identify EHS risks associated with our business activities and make efforts to reduce these through mitigating controls. Hazard control methods implemented are elimination, substitution, engineering, administrative and 100% use of mandatory personal protective equipment’s. JSSL managers are accountable for identifying EHS hazards, assessing and documenting their potential impact, and reducing or eliminating risks using controls and recovery measures.

We audit our businesses and seek assurance that EHS requirements have been implemented and are effective. All department heads prepare a report at the end of each year on how they have applied our business principles and standards, and the effectiveness of the controls in place.

Competency & Trainings

Ongoing training sessions are conducted throughout the year to ensure our commitment to excellence in EHS management. Environmental, Health and Safety performance are key factors in evaluating and in selecting our contractors. JSSL has a dedicated health and safety training centre in the factory which is used for internal trainings. Our EHS specialists conduct regular inspections, internal audits, trainings and investigations of incidents to avoid its reoccurrences.

Inspections & Audit Programmes

Daily, weekly and monthly inspections are held along with internal and external audits. The line managers in the factory also conduct cross audits. The JSSL senior management also audits EHS, as a part of leadership audits.

Medical Centre & Health Checkup

There is a dedicated occupational health centre within the premises where all JSSL staff undergo frequent health check-ups and are administered First Aid. Ongoing awareness campaigns about occupational hazards are also conducted for the workers.